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Expand speed and power of your kicks.

Prevent common injuries

Develop flexibility that toddlers will envy.

Learn the most economical way to throw a kick.

Push away the chronic pain in
  • Lower back
  • Knees
  • Hips

Learn how to develop splits and secure the new flexibility.

Learn how to find the most comfortable kicking positions.

Find out what dancers and gymnasts have already forgotten and martial
artist have yet to learn.

Become skilled at throwing effortless kicks.

Find out how to take the advantage of  your body’s natural wisdom to
painlessly boost flexibility.

Dear martial artist,

Let me be straight forward. Everything written above can be achieved and
relatively fast. One thing must be clear; nothing happens overnight. If that’s what
you expect, then my method is not for you. There are plenty of people that offer to
double your flexibility and strength in one evening. Try their method, and then come
back to me.

If you are not hurt after trying their scams, I will gladly show you how to achieve
everything, I stated above. Just make sure those clowns have a money back
guarantee. Once the over-charged money is returned to you, get my manual. It
costs a fraction of what the rip-offs out there charge.

Let me tell you what Elastic Steel is and how it is different from all the other
methods on the market. Progression is the key to this method. Scientific
progression is a lot more than: “start slowly, warm up thoroughly, and stretch before
a work out”.

Let’s talk about stretching shall we. Muscles in your body are connected and
intertwined. To stretch a muscle properly, other muscles that restrict its flexibility
must be pre-stretched.

If I am talking in foreign language to you: try this test:

  • Sit down; pull your toes toward you as much as you can.

  • Do one leg at a time. Now reach forward. Remember how far you went.

  • Now try this exercise again, but after having the toes pulled back, extend your
    toes and point them away from you.

Feel the difference? Of course you do! You probably have noticed this effect a long
time ago. Why can you reach forward more with toes pointing away from you?The
answer is simple: Calf has an influence on the flexibility of the hamstring. In order to
get a maximum stretch out of the hamstrings, a few muscles must be
pre-stretched. Calf or the back of the lower leg is one of them.

Don’t worry this manual is not for scientists. It’s for a everyday people. I do explain
the purpose of every exercise, but the demonstrations, require no reading. Just
follow the illustrations and you will achieve both flexibility and strength.

Remember that every muscle has its place in a stretching and strengthening
sequences. This is just the beginning.

Let me tell you another way that this method surpasses other practices out there. I
use natural concepts. Gymnast and dancers used them for years. Physical
therapists employ these principals every day. Martial artist however do not - oh
well, where would they learn from?

Here! This is the place where these concepts are discovered.

I will mention two important concepts. Deep range conditioning (extended length
conditioning), being one, and reciprocal inhibition, being the other. Both are
needed to sit in a split and have breakfast while doing it.  Go ahead; place your
arm behind your back. Now have someone hold it. Try to bring your arm in front of
you. Can’t do it, huh? Well, that’s what your body is afraid of. Your body’s
intelligence does not want you to be stuck with your arm behind your back, or your
leg ahead for that matter. That is why your stretch reflex prevents you from
becoming flexible. Now if you can get strength in those unnatural positions, then
you can convince your body, that you would not get stuck sitting in a split forever.
Your nervous system then would not be so nervous allowing you to become
flexible.  This is what deep range conditioning is all about.

Reciprocal inhibition on the other hand is the body’s own trick mechanism. You
see, if you try to arm curl some weight, using your bicep, the triceps muscle must
relax and give way. If it doesn’t, then the biceps will have a hard time lifting the
weight. To our happiness, when one muscle contracts, its opponent relaxes.
Reciprocal inhibition takes advantage of this principle. Below is an example.

Warm up slightly before trying this exercise.

  • Sit with your legs in front of you

  • Breath out and reach toward your

  • Hold this position for 10-15 seconds

  • Remember how far you reached

  • Lean back slightly and lift your legs
    off the ground

  • Balance yourself only on your
    buttocks (if this is too difficult you
    may place hands on the floor for

  • Stay in this position for as long as
    comfortable (stop if you experience

  • Slowly place the legs down in front of

  • Pull your stomach in

  • Breath out and

  • Reach forward

  • Notice how far you've reached

Notice that after holding the second position demonstrated, you can go slightly
more forward (try it a few times) this is the reciprocal inhibition at work.

Now let me tell you precisely what the manual will teach you.

1. Proper order of joint warm up.
Lubrication of the joints in scientific sequence:  which prevents injuries, awakens
the body and prepares it for future use.

2.Pre-stretches sequence.
This is the sequence, which gets major lower body muscles prepared for speed
and power of the kicking technique, as well as elasticity of splits.

3.Mobility Swings.
It’s a great warm up technique as well as injury prevention skill.

4.Static and dynamic conditioning.
This is the bottom brick of the ElasticSteel method.  Muscle strength and isolation
is developed for further use in stretching and kicking.

5. Extended Length Conditioning
This exceptional system of exercises stretches and strengthens muscles in very
unique ways.

6.Stability circles
This great technique, teaches balance and ease needed to develop speed and
power of the leg techniques.

7.Leg raises
Leg raises are extremely important techniques to get the legs ready for flexibility,
while executing high speed movement.

8.Reciprocal stretches
These are techniques based on body’s natural tricks. Flexibility is enhanced,
pain free.

9.Deep stretches
Progressive techniques to maximize flexibility.

Remember sequence is the key.

Unlike many programs out there, Elastic Steel doesn’t require you to go to the
gym. You don’t have to buy any weights, cables or pulleys.  There is piece of
equipment, however, that will greatly speed up your progress. It is the elastic band,
and I give it to you with the manual. No extra cost.

Enough time wasted. Get my manual right now.

And soon it will be you sitting proudly with your legs 180 degrees apart.

Make a decision this moment to throw 6 o’clock kicks, straight up in the air.

here to get the manual. Your legs will thank you for it.
Strength and flexibility conditioning previously
undisclosed to the general public.
All rights reserved ©2004-2005 Paul Zaichik
"After a month of kick
specific training, the
power of my kicks has
improved. Plus I can kick
with the total control of
my hands and my torso."
-Charles Gavigan
Galway, Ireland
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newsletters with
tips on such
topics as:
Nutrition, Body
Work and
"Back when I ordered
this book I was worried
that it will be another
l-ups variation. I was
happy to be wrong.
Gravity advantage has
opened my eyes to many
interesting body weight
exercises that exist out
-Brink Fines
Augusta G.A.
I feel that my stretches
have helped me more then
improve flexibility. I used
to get frequent back pain.
By making my hips and
buttocks looser, I rarely
get the pain. When it so
happens that I get it, it
takes a 2-3 days for it to go
away and not weeks.
-Nasher Bibi
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"After a month of kick
specific training, the
power of my kicks
have improved. Plus I
can kick with the total
control of my hands
and my torso."
-Charles Gavigan
Galway, Ireland
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