If you don't schedule it, it won't happen

Are you having issues to commit to yourself? To follow those steps you know you must do to achieve your goal?

It is said that "what you don't schedule won't happen".
This idea inspired an excellent tool that will aid you in your endeavor: Your ElasticSteel Calendar & Weekly Planner. You can get it for FREE by entering your email at the bottom of the page.

This simple tool will keep you moving forwards closer and closer to your goal each day. You will keep a training diary where you will take note of:

1. What you did each day.
2. How you felt with the training, if there were any pains or breakthroughs.
3. What you discovered that you have to work on in your next session (this one will keep you moving forward connected to what's next in your training).

How many of you are doing this already?

How many of you are not doing it and are having difficulties to get to train?

This special training diary and scheduler may be what you are needing.

It includes:
  • a page by page monthly calendar, for you to simply tick each day, or write a quick note on what to work on that day
  • a weekly planner, where you can write in details for each day, following the strategy just described: Do - Feel - Discover

Follow Your Plan!

Pretty often we get caught up in the frustrations, and hard work that training implies, and we forget about our why, our plan becomes fuzzy, and our goal starts fainting...

Use the ElasticSteel Calendar to write down your plan, and get a little closer to your goal each day.

The ElasticSteel Calendar & Weekly Planner will keep you on track!

To receive the ElasticSteel Calendar & Weekly Planner enter your email below and hit subscribe:

This is the way to achieve your goals!

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