Hip Pain in Abductors From Opposite Adductors

Today topic: common cause of hip  pain in Martial Arts practitioners.

Abductors' pain, rooted in abductors tightness.

This applies to both Front Line and Side Line kicks.

One would need to release all the tissues holding back the abduction in laterally rotated hip.

Watch this short video to learn more about it.

Injury and frustration with an inability to master a skill, is the primary reason someone quits physical activity, including martial arts. You stand a much better chance retaining that student if he is mastering the skills and doing that safely, than he pulling a muscle, getting lower back or simple struggles with a skill to the point of giving up. I have done enough research on psychology of athletics.

And just like in tennis, volleyball, baseball, or any other activity the better your skills are, the more you want to play. Mastering the skills is just a step to beginning to play the game. If you can't serve, bump or throw---you can't enjoy the game. If you can't kick, you can't fully enjoy the training, competing, demonstrating, etc.

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