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  • How to train strength and flexibility for the supporting leg for maximum height.
  • Strength and flexibility for the torso so that it doesn't drop.
  • Strength and flexibility for the kicking leg to be able to hold a kick up and to allow for kicking combinations.

You will learn how to train each of the components of a side kick step by step: support, torso and kicking leg.

You'll be gradually introduced to the ElasticSteel method of training
to improve the height of a side kick. We will also work on balance and
strength so that you can hold the kick up comfortably.

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Kicking Leg

During the first week we will work on the kicking leg, to improve the
hip abduction (rising to the side) and hip internal rotation (so that
the foot doesn't point up).

You will learn the Zaichik Stretching Techniques (ZST) to increase
the range of motion for those actions. Afterwards you will learn how to
secure that range in order to make the flexibility permanent and how to
make it functional so that you can hold the leg up easily.

This will allow you to improve how your forms or patters look and also to do better kicking combinations.

This is learned by reciprocal inhibition exercises in three steps:
improving the chamber, improving the rotation, improving the extended
kick height.

Supporting Leg

On the second week of the course you will learn the techniques to
improve the turn out and abduction of the hip so that the kick reaches
its maximum height.

You'll be able to point the supporting heel to the target which will make a much more effective and better looking kick.

You will improve the strength and stability of the support which is where the power of the kick comes from.

On this week you will learn how to improve your balance for perfect
slow kicks in forms and for more controlled kicks in combat situations.


On the third week of the course we work on spine lateral bending
flexibility to teach the body how to keep the torso up on a side kick.

You will learn the ZST to improve torso flexibility for the Quadratus
Lumborum and Obliques muscles. Afterwards we will work on securing the
new flexibility by strengthening the muscles in short range.

A strong and flexible spine will give you not only a better looking
kick but also a more effective one, allowing you to stay up, to faster
come back from the kick, to do less telegraphing, and have better

Putting Everything Together

Once you practiced how to train the three components of the side
kick, you will learn how to train them all in one single routine and how
to keep building up your strength, flexibility and kicking height after
the course ends.

For those students who are more advanced harder variations of the
exercises will be given. We'll also aim at increasing the training
volume and consolidating the routine.

In this stage your instructor will provide feedback and advice on what you need to focus on the most.

You will learn a simplified version of the routine so that you can get a complete kick workout done in 25 minutes.

You will also learn additional conditioning which you'll work on for
the weeks to come after the course. This training will get you ready for
the more advanced variations of the exercises, it will strengthen your
joints, muscles and ligaments to avoid injuries, it will prepare your
body for deeper flexibility and strength in short ranges, it will speed
up gains and will give you full control of your legs.

After the 4 weeks

If you are happy with the height you gained you can stop and move on to
train something else. But if you would like to reach higher levels of
strength and flexibility you should continue learning from out

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- Paul Zaichik and the ElasticSteel Team

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