This is a program for the kicking height for all 3 side line kicks:

  • Side Kick,
  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Hook Kick.
Kicking height of the side line kicks, depends on the flexibility of the supporting leg or standing leg. In order to throw a high kick, the kicking side of the pelvis must tilt up. If the pelvic does not tilt, the kicking hip abduct no more than 45 degrees.
This means that a kick will be thrown no higher than the knee. Even a kick to the groin requires 90 degrees abduction (abduction is lifting of the leg to the side).

So the pelvic position must change. Once the pelvis moves, the flexibility of the supporting leg comes into play. Of course not just flexibility, but also strength.

This program presents a very short and the point method of developing kicking height:

There are 3 careful selected Zaichik Stretching Technique exercises for flexibility (formerly called Kinesiological Stretching Techniques). Each one takes just a few seconds to complete per round. Together these techniques develop super fast flexibility.
Combined with extended length conditioning strength technique, the body quickly develops the range of motion for high kicks.

How to test if you need this program

Do a side kick. Place the foot on the wall. Drop your body in the opposite direction. (Away from the wall and away from the kick)
Does your kicking foot travel much higher, if the torso is dropped away?
Or does your kicking foot can’t go any higher, with torso dropped?

If the foot comes up high, you don’t need this program. You need this one (click here).

If your foot does not go higher. You need supporting leg flexibility and strength, taught in this program.

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