Side Kick: Power Development

by ElasticSteel
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This program teaches how to develop powerful Side Kick.

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What analogy comes to you mind when you visualize a prefect side kick?

  • Battering ram?
  • A powerful bomb?
  • The blow that ends it all?

The power of the Side Kick!

Side Kick have been developed for power. It’s advantage is full mass acceleration, in direct like with the impact.  Joint effort of the strongest muscle groups in the body. No weak link to give or buckle upon impact. All these factors compound a biomechanically advantageous “go to” weapon, when raw power is called for.

With power comes responsibility. I am not talking about “driving the person you kicked to the hospital” type responsibility. But responsibility to your own self. To your own body. The impact of the kick is severe and stress on joints accumulates over time. In order to strive under that stress the body must be properly conditioned to handle that impact.

The Path for a powerful kick!

Conditioning is the first part of this program. Just a few well selected exercises, will prepare you to kick hard and feel good doing it.

Next comes the acceleration. Force is mass times acceleration. (F=MxA) One of the two variables, (the mass) does not change much. However we know that two people with the same weight, can kick at very different levels of power. Why is it so? The answer is: acceleration is the key.  

The second part of this program focuses on acceleration. Here you learn how to quickly drive the mass into the target.

Finally there is supporting structure work. A kick is not just the kicking leg. The supporting (standing) leg gets the power from the floor. Small increase in functional strength of the non-kicking leg, does wonders for the power of the kick.

What does this program trains? 

This program trains the supporting structures, both for accelerations and stability.

Do you need this program?

If you have a powerful side kick, you don’t need it. If you side kick is not strong. You need it.