Full Split with just one stretch?

Full Split with just one stretch?

See if you can do it.
In ElasticSteel System Equilibrium Lengthens the Gracilis.
Gracilis is one of the 4 adductors. What makes it unique is the fact that it crosses the knee.
For some people it’s the only muscle that stands in a way of a full straddle.
Just stretch it using Equilibrium and you have a side split.
To see the technique in action and to try it for yourself watch the following video:
The people who are candidates to this short pathway to a middle split are those who already have flexible other muscles needed. (Short adductors, pectineus and middle hamstrings)
Hamstrings don’t have to be very flexible for a straddle. if you can touch your toes, you are good to go.
The other muscles are tested with a frog. If you can do a full prone frog, but can’t do a box split, all you need is Equilibrium.

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