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The Science of Kicking

How Does Strength and Flexibility Affect Balance Kicks Development

Learn the secrets to superb balance – a must have for EVERY Martial Artist! Let me show you how to improve your balance while developing strength, flexibility and stamina! In this video you will learn how to develop the most neglected and yet extremely important ability - balance. With the techniques taken from The ElasticSteel Strength & Flexibility Method and Yoga you will learn how to improve your balance while developing your strength flexibility and stamina. Click on the picture below and get your program today!

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Side Kick Form Development Through Core Training

High Side Kick Training Exercises For The Core, How To Kick Higher With a Side KickExercises that improve the height of the side kick. The focus is not on the supporting leg. If you want to see how improve the height, when the body supporting leg is lacking strength or flexibility please see the other high side kick video on ElasticSteel Channel. Click on the picture below and get your program today!

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How to Roundhouse Kick

Get answers to the following questions and learn: How to properly throw and align your body for the RoundHouse Kick Many different ways to develop the techniques of the RoundHouse Kick The joint movements used in the RoundHouse Kick. A warm-up routine designed to enable the best results in training and combat The muscle utilization and kinesiological break down of the RoundHouse Kick Endurance drills and exercises to enable your muscular and cardio respiratory system to maintain fast and powerful kicks for a long period of time. Different drills to optimize the focus, precision and control of your kicks. Drills...

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How To Do a Karate Side Kick correctly?

ElasticSteel way of performing and learning karate side kick. How to learn a "SIDE KICK" fast. How to develop speed and power in a side kick. How to develop accuracy in a sidekick. How to use a side kick in combat in a fight. You will learn this and so much more! Click on the picture below and get your program!  

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Kicks and Martial Arts Stance Correlation and Skill Transfer

Martial Arts Kicks and Stance Training Have always had skills transfer and correlation. Dear Fellow ElasticSteel, Martial Arts and Yoga practitioners. Over the last few years, I got repeated requests to do a DVD on how to master the stances. The requests came from various styles of martial arts, as well as from Yoga practitioners. There are three components to stances, which most people lack. These are: Flexibility or Depth Strength and Endurance Balance and Stability   In addition common requests had to do with muscle and joint pain while performing the stances. If you are reading this, there must be...

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