The following set of programs are all goal oriented routines, which are not developed into a step by step system. Each of the programs below is designed to develop ONE QUALITY at a time. Each program is designed to allow you to cherry pick a goal you are most interested in and achieve results fast.

What this means is that each of the programs is:

Very Short and to the point and very easy to understand and follow routines for basic kicks. The quality improvement is focused on the following kicks:
  • Front Kick,
  • Roundhouse
  • Side Kick
  • Hook Kick
  • Axe Kick
Each routine is designed for quick mastery of a kick and a chosen quality.

For Example:
  • speed of a roundhouse kick
  • power of a front kick
  • height of a side kick, etc.
Especially selected exercises that have been carefully chosen from many already very effective and rare exercises, to achieve the fastest results. (Again, each one for a specific quality or a specific kick)

Routines to master advanced kicks as well. (Flying side kick, Scorpion Kick, Flying Two Direction Scissors kick, etc.).

If your goal is to improve a specific quality of a specific kick, then you can select a program from the All Kick Master Series and start working on it one quality at a time. Each of the programs in the All Kick Series focus both on flexibility and strength and contain Zaichik Stretching Techniques to help you improve your flexibility and carry it over into your kick specific goals.

If you are looking for a follow along, complete system, then please scroll down for more information.



Unlike other courses out there, that only show you a few basic demonstrations of each kick from different angles without any explanation of what they are for, the ElasticSteel Kicking video training course, shows you EVERYTHING you need to know about kicks.

In this online kicking training course, I'll take you through step by step instructions on how to get your kicks, higher, stronger, faster in a very easy to understand and safe approach.

Each module is packed with information specific to each of the kicks discussed. In this series every Kick is explained and drills are placed in sections for a specific modality, to make it easy for you to maneuver, understand and follow.

The Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Kicking Series focuses on kicks with very little emphasis on flexibility. This program has been developed prior to the All Kick Master Series, and is designed for people who need a structured and detailed approach.

If you have been out of the game for a while, or are just getting started with Martial Arts, this series along with our ESKMS series (more information on ESKMS is below) is the training program for you. If you are looking for specific goals then you should pick a program from the All Kick Master Series.


ESKMS - In ESKMS it's a structured step by step, level by level progression. it's a much deeper program than Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Kicking series. In the ESKMS you will not learn about the kicks. Here you will be taken through an in depths training to perfect those kicks. So, it won't bet separate exercises here and there. It is a structured progression based on a lot of research.

ESKMS is a follow along system consisting of 3 levels:

Level 1: Focuses on training the structure of the body for optimal kick development core, hips, etc.,
Level 2: Focuses primarily on strength and flexibility for the height of the kicks
Level 3: Focuses on the kick control precision accuracy which is needed before training speed and power.


What is ElasticSteel Champion's Fighting Secrets Online 15 Lesson Training Course?

In a nutshell, it is a 15 week journey into everything that champions of different styles of hand to hand combat and commanders of conquering armies used to win the fight or the battle.

Any Martial Arts Master will teach you how to kick or punch, but almost no one will teach you how to win, how to get those kicks and punches to your target, while easily making sure your opponent is defenseless against you.
My research into ElasticSteel Champion's Fighting Secrets started many years ago when I noticed that champions are not the fastest or the strongest people, but are those who know something that others do not, and use that knowledge to score and win.

Let me tell you right now that ElasticSteel Champion's Fighting Secrets is not about positive thinking or about believing that you are the best (No offense to Tony Robins) . It’s about achieving complete dominance over your opponent by mastering the control and awareness of your own body; about knowing what to do in any situation, against any type of opponent. It’s about being able to actually carry out your plan, learning, mastering and picking the best mental strategy. It’s about having the physical attributes to carry out this tactic; and finally about combining the right strategy and physical ability to make magic.

In this online on demand course you will learn:
  • How to stay out of your opponent’s line of attack.
  • How to keep your opponent within your own line of attack.
  • How to stay out of your opponent’s striking range.
  • How to keep your opponent within your own striking range.
  • How to keep your opponent always uncertain.
  • How to stay in balance while keeping your adversary out of balance.
  • How to strike when your opponent is not ready to defend.
  • How to be in constant advantageous position throughout the fight.
  • How to interpret your opponent’s movement patterns.
  • How to confuse your opponent with your own movement patterns.
  • How to adjust your footwork angles and body language to take away any natural attributes and skill advantage that your opponent may have.