How to Do a Perfect Side Kick -You need two different types of Strength.

How To Do A Perfect Side Kick. You need two different types of Strength.

There are 2 different types of strength.

When speaking of Strength, it's very important not to get confused.

There are 2 different types of strength.
  • Strength for Proper Technique
  • Strength for Power Generation
When converting the kick on the left to kick on the right, we only speak about strength for proper technique.

What does a proper kick require in terms of muscle contractions?

First and foremost the muscles of the supporting leg must contact, properly, with the right amount of force.

Here we enter a first paradox.

In the first article (about Stretching) I said that they should be stretched.

And now I say they should be strengthened? Same muscles? Really?

So should they be stronger or more flexible?

Stretched or Strengthened?

The answer is both.
  • They must first develop enough range to allow for a high kick,
  • and then contact to allow the pelvis to tilt sideways.

What Muscles Must We Focus On?


Hamstrings (Both Medial and Lateral) are the first on the list.

For a Perfect Side Kick, they can't just be strong or just flexible. They must be both.

Of course in the proper range, since leg curls on the machine and yoga type stretches is not it.

In ESKMS (ElasticSteel Kick Mastery System) we develop these muscles specifically as they are used for kicking.

However, other muscles work on the supporting leg besides the hamstrings.

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