Functional Front Split vs Structural Front Split. Which one are you?

- Practitioner: Is there a reason why they're named differently? Is the functional split more functional for moving around or something?

- ES: It's functional because it carries out the "function" of what the word "split" is supposed to be. Which is legs 180 degrees apart. Even if it's structurally incorrect, it still does the job of allowing one to sit on the floor and that is what some people are after; the "visual" split. But an athlete does best when they have a structural split, with flexibility in both the front and rear leg.

Watch this short video to learn more about it..

A True Front Split is one of the two front split variations. The True Front Split is achieved by moving the straight legs in opposite directions, while the hips remain squared. 

While some people consider an Open Front Split more challenging, the majority of the people who do the Open variation, have difficulty with this one. 

Virtualy all hip muscles are stretched, when the True Front Split is performed. Each one must be taken care of separately, and this is one of the key points of Zaichik Stretching Techniques (formerly known as Zaichik Stretching Techniques).

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