Test How Much Flexibility Do You REALLY NEED? Do the test!

The importance of Overflexibility.

  • Say you want a 180 degree Side Tilt. Or to hold a high Martial Arts Kick to your friend's head height..
  • If you can do full split; is that enough for a 180 Tilt?
  • Is being able to stretch to your opponent's head, enough for the kick you want?

The answer is no. See the video and read further explanation below:

Muscle resistance starts long before the end range. How high can you lift your arm overhead? Can it go higher if someone helped you? Chances are: Yes.

That is because your lats and other muscles pull down, like elastic bands. Same thing happen at your hip, core, ankle, etc. The more you go past the relaxed range, the more antagonists (deltoids to lats, hip flexors to hamstrings, abductors to adductors) will pull back down. And to get a better relaxed range, you need more flexibility.

For example (not to scale) 150 degree max range, the resistance starts at 110-120, sometime even under 100. For 180 it starts at 140-160. So how much do you need to feel no resistance at 180?

Chances are you will still feel it at 180 even if you can do over 200. But the more you can do, the less resistance you will feel. This means more effortless technique. Less injury. More grace, speed, power, etc.

Tip: Antagonists short range strength is great, but it can only compensate so much. Flexibility is the easier way to go and with EasyFlexibility, it's actually easy. If you want more flexible hamstrings here you go. Splits here you go.

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