Why dropping your hands can help you win the fight

Now, put down your pitch forks. Dropping the hands is winning strategy. It is, when done purposely. Believe it or not giving your opponent a chance to throw a punch (or kick) at an exposed target is good thing.

Keeping your hands up is a good basic strategy. You are always protected.

Dropping your hands exposes your face. And who wants to get punched in the 
face? I don't. Do you? Muhammad Ali doesn't. Lamancheno, Mayweather, GGG, McGregor, etc, they all don't I am sure.

  • Do you think fighters of that caliber are not trained enough to know where their hands are? Ok, now you are thinking.

A good counter fighter is a master of dropping his guard. Why? Because he wants to invite a punch. Most counter fighters have great reflexes, BUT... not like you think.

They know which punch is coming. And more importantly they are in perfect position to slip or pull or duck, when it is coming. They are also in a perfect position to counter.

  • Do you think this all happens by chance? 99 percent of the time it does not. They make it look like it they know exactly when that strike comes. However in reality they know simple because they tempt it. And it's almost impossible for an untrained person to see that.

A perfect slip, that follows by a knockout is often a result of an "invited" punch (or kick).

There are many ways to encourage a punch. Dropping the guard at the right time is one of the ways to do it.

There are many little details that go into it. It has to look natural. It has to be done several times to set up a pattern. A counter must be ready. The distance must be perfect. Balance must be on point. Etc.

The video below explains..


So you see, "not protecting the face" is a strategy, when it's done masterfully. It's a mistake, when it's done neglectfully. Want a lot more strategy and fighting tricks?

Thousands of fighters all over the world have benefited from a course called Warrior Strategy. The course is now available online. Click here to see it.

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