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Hip Pain in Abductors From Opposite Adductors

Today topic: common cause of hip  pain in Martial Arts practitioners. Abductors' pain, rooted in abductors tightness. This applies to both Front Line and Side Line kicks. One would need to release all the tissues holding back the abduction in laterally rotated hip. Watch this short video to learn more about it. Injury and frustration with an inability to master a skill, is the primary reason someone quits physical activity, including martial arts. You stand a much better chance retaining that student if he is mastering the skills and doing that safely, than he pulling a muscle, getting lower back...

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Roundhouse Kick vs Side Kick Alingment

ESKMS Martial Arts Kick Positions Watch the following video to learn more. Side Kick Vs Roundhouse Kick position is shown for ESKMS Level 2, Step 1 and 2, 3rd position. Notice if your style does the kick differently, the positions can be adjusted. ESKMS show the most advantages positions for the structures stability when the body's mass is transferred to the target. Also learn how to develop power in a side kick for a powerful side kick. Powerful front kick, strong and power rouhouse kick and powerful hook kick. Speed of kicking techniques is also develop. Learn how to train for...

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