How High Should You Kick?

June 05, 2017

While not all martial arts styles use high kicks, most use kicking techniques. For those martial arts styles that do kick to the head, frequent injury acccours when the kick is aimed higher than the body allows. Three kicking tests show how high should one kick, judging by the abuility at the given moment. If the injury does not accure, from kicking to high, the speed power, focus, control and balance of the kick, will be diminished, thus leading to the decreased effectiveness of the kick.

This applies to Most Korean Martial Arts Styles such Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Hapkido, etc. And other styles such as ShotoKan, Kaoushikan, Savate, Vovinam, Sikaran, Sport Karate or Karate Do, as well as many other styles. urban ninjas MMA martial arts karate death touch humor Ultimate Fighter UFC Stephan Bonnar fighting real aikido street fight martial arts libia war kick ass ultimate extreem self defence team wepon mma usmc box gun knife krav maga master free clip how to 10 dan nenad ikras Wing Chun Russian Systema Krav Maga Filipino Kali Escrima Brasilian granada bodyguard fighting championship security raw blade army boxing steven seagal morihei ueshiba oprah winfrey show hapkido sport k1 judo karate aiki ju jutsu exit defensa personal mortal combat system españa gang knockout hits police gimnasio.

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RoundHouse Kick

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