How to Do a Roundhouse Kick

Get answers to the following questions and learn:

  • How to properly throw and align your body for the RoundHouse Kick
  • Many different ways to develop the techniques of the RoundHouse Kick
  • The joint movements used in the RoundHouse Kick.
  • A warm-up routine designed to enable the best results in training and combat
  • The muscle utilization and kinesiological break down of the RoundHouse Kick
  • Endurance drills and exercises to enable your muscular and cardio respiratory system to maintain fast and powerful kicks for a long period of time.
  • Different drills to optimize the focus, precision and control of your kicks.
  • Drills designed to bring functional balance and stability needed in real combat or self defense situation.
  • How to strengthen the antagonists of the kick to prevent injuries and unleash the hidden reserve of speed and power.
  • Learn specific exercises designed to develop the kinetic chain of the supporting leg, core and kicking leg for the most force and power output.
  • Learn time tested techniques, to optimize timing and develop the blazing kicking speed.
  • Learn proven exercises, drills and techniques to increase the flexibility and strength in specific muscles to develop light, fast and powerful high kicks.   

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