Mastering a Forward (Straight) Knee strike


Since I am the flexibility guy and also a martial artist, I got a lot of questions about the knee.

Everything from how to properly throw it, to how to maximize the power. From the best targets to height improvement.

So today, we'll talk about the height of the knee. Some people seem to be able to strike the jaw and cause a knockout. Other can barely reach the groin.

To throw a high knee, a proper strength/flexibility combination of the core, striking leg and supporting leg must be achieved.

Most people focus on the striking leg. Aiming to bring it up. While this does help.

Supporting (standing) leg and core play a large role as well.

For example:

  1. A good posterior tilt of the pelvic (flattening of the lower back), helps to ease tension on the striking leg. This allow it to focus on striking instead of reaching up. Being able to move the pelvis forward also helps.
  2. The tilt and the "forward move" both rely on strength/flexibility of hip flexors and upper adductors of the supporting leg. 
  3. Of course core also is called into play to flatten the back, lean the torso and pull the opponent into he strike.

So now you see that for a perfect knee strike a lot is needed.

In most martial artists the hips flexors and adductors is what hold the strike back the most. Not just the knee strike, but also the push kick, foot jab or the Teep.

Below is a program that stretches and strength those muscles quickly and easily.

Check out the Hip Flexors Program for Martial Artists here!




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Hello, Bice Balu!
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