ZED #1 Zejax Across Row Bodyweight Training Revolution

ZED #1 Zejax Across Row

Zejax Across Row is one of many thousands unique Zejax body weight training techniques. It's a functional move strengthening the pulling muscle of the body, using the weight of the body. Unlike traditional body weight training row, Zejax Across Row incorporates the internal rotation of the shoulder.
The medial rotation changes the position of the scapula, not allowing full retraction at the end of the row. Rowing with such technique, allows different recruitment, compared to standard row. For example, rhomboids and Lattisimus Dorsi (primary rowing muscles) don't get a chance to full contract. This in term strengthens other pulling muscles, such as Teres Major and Subscapularis. Pectoralis major also contracts and does so in a very narrow range. This is not often done and practically impossible to do with standard body weight training exercises. Those often work in wider ranges of Pectoralis Major.

Place Zejax into the bottom of the wall. Hold Zejax with the opposite Arm, thumb pointing away from the wall. Lean back slightly, while keeping the arm flexed. Keep the body completely straight. Allow the arm to extend, as the body leans back. Pull back into starting position.


  • Start with a Standard Zejax Row. 
  • Begin the movement by holding the Zejax as high as possible.
  • Do partial range of Motion Zejax Across Row and build to full range of motion. 

Zejax Across Row is found in Zejax Wall Techniques For Beginner

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