ZED #2 - Zejax Unilateral Squat, Total Bodyweight Training

ZUS - ZejaX Unilateral Squat

This is a very unique technique and total body exercise. We work on balance, we work on flexibility, strength, one arm pushes, the other presses, hip extensors work on one leg, hip flexors work on the other. Practically all muscles in your body are involved.

If you place ZejaX on your right side, you will push with your left leg.

  1. Stand on your left leg, extending the other. You want to be a bit further from the wall so your heal doesn't lift up when you go down. 
  2. Inhale and come down, left arm straight, right leg straight. 
  3. Exhale and pull with your extended arm arm and push with your left leg. 

Do as many repetitions as you need then switch sides. There are many variations for the hands and legs positions, depending on what muscle group you want to focus on and also on what's more comfortable for you. All the variations are found on the ZUS Program, link below.

ZED #2 is found on the program: http://zejax.com/products/zejax-unilateral-squat-zus-dvd

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