ZED #16 - Zejax Table Top Unilateral Rows


If you are in the middle of a studio and want just one non-traditional exercise; Zejax Table To Unilateral Rows are for you. Common exercises such as Push Ups, Lunges, Crunches develop the mirror muscles of the body. ZTTUR is a great way to balance them out. This move hits all the muscles, "floor-only" exercise can't. Lats and Upper Back. Biceps and Elbow Flexors. Grip. And an added bonus of Core Stabilization and Glute work.


How to do Zejax Table Top Unilateral Rows

Assume a table top position. Hold Zejax with one hand. Lift the other arm up. Keep the hips, knees and shoulders leveled, while the pulling arm is straight. Pull up and come back down.


If the exercises are too difficult start with wall support. This variation is found in Basic Wall Techniques

To increase resistance extend one or both legs. This exercise is found in Basic Back Program

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Watch the video demonstration

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