ZED #18 - ZejaX Lunge Thrust


Lunge Thrust is a great example of Zejax cardiovascular conditioning technique. A perfect application of Lunge Thrust can be found in weight loss or aerobic routines. Due to combined action of arms and legs, this Zejax move can be performed for many repetitions, while engaging virtually every muscle the body.

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Place one cap of Zejax into the bottom of the wall. Stand Side Ways to the Wall Place the arm further from the wall on the cap or top part of Zejax. This arm should be flexed at the start of Lunge Thrust. Place the other arm on Zejax palm down. This arm is straight at the start of the movement. Lunge into the wall, while keeping the distal leg extended. At the bottom of the movement, the distal arm from the wall is straight, and proximal arm is bent. Use both arms and the lunging leg to come back into the starting position.

Tip: Because Lunge Thrust is also a great mobility developer, start with a high lunge and progress deeper as the body warms up and becomes more flexible. For a Complete Zejax Cardiovascular, Toning, and Weight Loss Program Click Here.

Watch the video demonstration:

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