ZED #25 - ZejaX Hamstrings Stretch


Today technique focuses on a rather common issue in hamstrings stretching. Sometimes you want a yoga-type stretch to relax and unwind. Sometimes, you want to stretch when cooling down after a hard workout. If you are not very flexible yet, stretching the hamstrings while relaxing, brings up all kind of challenges.

One of them being the discomfort in exact position where you are trying to relax. Now there are many different types of stretches and many reasons to stretch. This specific ZED addresses a relaxed stretch. (If you are looking to increase hamstrings flexibility, use Kinesiological Stretching techniques. Click Here)


* In supine (on the back) position. Place one cap of Zejax into the bottom of the wall.

* Place the other under the heel of your foot.

* Adjust the distance from the wall, so that a slight stretch is felt.


1. Extending the other leg on the floor, facilitates the anterior pelvic tilt, this stretches the hamstring further.

2. As the body warms up, move closer to the wall.

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Watch the video demonstration

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