Intermediate Hamstrings

This is a full follow along workout for fast hamstrings flexibility for intermediate students. To determine if this is the right level 

This Program covers:

  • Hamstrings specific warm-up.
  • 5 specialized Kinesiological Stretching techniques.
  • Cool down. 

The Warm Up

How well you warm up will dictate your performance, not only in speed, power, agility and related modalities, but also in flexibility.  We prepare the body for the workout using exercises targeting the whole posterior chain and its synergists, which if neglected put a halt on the progress, regardless how well the hamstrings are  targeted. 

The Essence of the Workout are the Five Knesiological Stretches

1- The first Kinesiological Stretching exercise targets the glutes. These groups of 4 muscles (Maximus, Medius, Minimus, and the Deep Six Rotators) often abduct and laterally rotates the femur, not allowing the hamstrings to be targeted, so they are dealt with first.

2- The second targets Adductor Magnus and deeper Adductor Longus. The adductors often restrict hamstrings flexibility, thus we get them out of the way before targetting hamstrings directly. They are often what stops you from stretching your hamstrings (much like glutes above).

3- The third targets Lateral Hamstrings, that is, the hamstrings on the outside part of the back of your leg. Biceps Femoris is the tightest of the 3 hamstrings muscles (yes, they are 3!). It often puts a block on the other two. Our specialized technique which is really different from anything you did before, targets this muscle and lengthens it.

4- The fourth targets the knee and hip tag. This technique equalizes the three hamstrings muscles and naturally works the muscles the way it was designed to work. Through both joints and not just one. 

5- Last we remove all the obstacles. Besides the muscles, nerves, fascia and other tissues prevent hamstrings from going to full length and for many people this restriction is a real culprit, and not even the muscles themselves. Our specialized Kinesiological Stretching technique clears the way for bending your body in half with straight knees and finally seeing your toes up close and personal. 

Cool Down

The cool down, makes sure the muscles are relaxed and the toxins are driven out of the muscles to minimize the soreness and complete readiness for the next for workout, for even more flexibility during the next training session.