This program develops the power of a push front kick. A push front kick is a linear kick. It’s different from a circular basic front kick.

The kick has several uses:
  • To push off balance: With proper weight behind the kick, it can easily throw the opponent back.
  • To check distance: Often used to adjust and keep the desired distance between you and your opponent.
  • As stopping kick: This is a defensive use of a kick. The kick stops a charging opponent.
  • Finally as power kick: A power kick is designed to do damage. To use this kick for power, thrust is the key.
Just like the side kick, Front Push Kick is adjusted to it’s mechanical purpose.

To Push or to Penetrate?

Does the mass continue moving after contact? This is a push mechanism. Or Does the mass stops abruptly and all the momentum is transferred into the kicking leg? This is a penetration mechanism.

Regardless of what you want out of the kick, the training components are the same.

In this program we first address the conditioning. A small targeted group of exercises prepares the body for impact.

Why conditioning and not just kicking, right away?

Think about it. You will learn how to accelerate you mass. If your generate great pressure into the target the stationary target will resist. Between those two forces something in your body may give. If your body it’s not prepared, it will be your joints and muscles. They need to be strong enough to withstand the impact.

Thus proper conditioning is needed. Next the focus shifts to the supporting leg. We don’t float, but rather stand. The power comes from the floor. The supporting leg needs to be prepared to send the force up the chain. At the same time to absorb, in case the kick is used defensively.

The whole program is very straight to the point. Each exercise is selected to do it’s part in maximum power development.

Do you need this program?

Is your push front kick strong enough to do what you need it to do? If so, you don’t need this program. If your kick is not as strong as you want it to be, you need the program!

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Stretch180 App
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Support Group
Access to a Private Support Group: No longer will you train alone. Now you can be part of a group and train alongside other ElasticSteel practitioners. Once registered for this course you will gain access to a private support group, where you will find 24-hour active community to share your experience with, ask questions and get advice. 
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This program contains: 
Side (Middle) Split Strength & Flexibility Training at Home
All Kick Master Combo
This Package includes:
Side Kick Training (7 programs)
1- Technical Kicking Leg Development
2- Trunk Flexibility and Strength for Optimum Kicking
3- Supporting Leg Training For Kicking Height
4- Precision and Accuracy
5- Speed Development
6- Power Development
7- Neutralizing Opponents Defense and Guard Penetration Set Ups
Roundhouse and Hook Kicks Training (4 programs)
1- Roundhouse Kick: Technical Kicking Leg Development
2- Roundhouse Kick: Speed Development
3- Roundhouse Kick: Power Development
4- Hook Kick: Power Development
Front Kick Training (5 programs)
1- Front Kick and Front Line Kicks: Technical Kicking Leg Development
2- Front Kick: Speed Development
3- Push Front Kick: Power Development
4- Axe Kick: Power Development
5- Ball of the Foot: Point of Impact
Advance Kick Training (4 programs)
1- Twist Kick Technical Kicking Leg Development
2- Flying Side Kick: Technique and Jumping Height Development
3- Scorpion Kick: Perfect form Development
4- Flying Split Scissors Kick, Two Direction Kick
Kick Retention Training
A specific video focusing on functional kick training.
Three Classic ElasticSteel Functional Strength And Conditioning Books
1- The Gravity Advantage
2- The Gravity Advantage Max
3- The Power of One
Two Extra Programs for Hand Conditioning
1- Fist Point of Impact: Wrist, Knuckles and Forearm Development
2- Palm Strike Strength and Flexibility Training
Hamstrings Advanced Level
This program contains: 
The Advanced Hamstrings routine is for those of you who are familiar with the Zaichik Stretching techniques and can comfortably implement the routine. It takes things up a notch by introducing muscle contraction in addition to muscle action for an even

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