Advanced Hamstrings

The Advanced Hamstrings routine goes deep into the applications of the Kinesiological Stretching techniques. In addition to "Action vs Action" of the same muscles, muscle contractions are utilized.

Warning: Being familiar with Kinesiological Stretching Techniques by having trained the Beginner and Intermediate Hamstrings programs is recommended, since we are adding a strength modality here and the routine becomes quite intense and advanced. 

To learn more about the Kinesiological Stretching Technique you can click here, or click on the program covers below for the beginner and intermediate levels. If you think you can handle it, or you really need to go to a higher level, read on.

The goal of this routine is absolute posterior chain flexibility. This flexibility is measured by having absolutely no restriction in the hamstrings, and other synergists such as calf, lower adductors and glutes. Touching head to the toes with locked knee is a standard indication.  

The Advanced Hamstrings program:

  • develops full control and strength in the deep ranges of the hamstrings.
  • the control is expanded to include both the flexors and extensors of the hip.

Holding a high front kick or a standing leg raise would be an example of the former. Holding a high back kick or a penche would be an example of the later.

On this video Paul Zaichik explains how our body compensates for lack of hamstrings flexibility:

Take a quick look at the program contents:

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