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Would you like to see a 255% flexibility improvement after just one 90 minute class? Something that usually takes 5-7 months or longer with conventional training to achieve? If your answer is YES then THESE are the workshops for YOU!

How long have you been struggling to master the flexibility of your dreams without much success? Perhaps you tried to stretch every day. Maybe even a few times a day. Or had a partner push you into a stretch through severe pain, with no results. Using various methods that left you just as stiff as when you began or worse, with injuries at the end. Sounds Familiar?

Now, imagine more than doubling your flexibility in just one training session! Imagine doing a full side splits and sliding effortlessly into a front split. Or folding your body in half with straight legs as easily as you do a basic punch, all without any pain involved.

In just a minute I will tell you our new discoveries in flexibility training, and how they will benefit you directly. The mission
of my company is to help Martial Artists, like yourself to become strong and flexible using the latest scientific techniques. To sharpen your skills in a short period of time, all by using easy, safe and scientific programs.

All techniques are easy to understand and apply. And the best part is the effectiveness of these techniques, which allows you to see results very quickly and often instantly.

This way you, will be able to practice martial arts without any flexibility restrictions. Every movement will improve. Stances, Kicks, even punches.

Elasticsteel method of stretching has gotten hundreds of thousands of martial artists their flexibility over the last decade and a half.

Let’s face it. A flexible Martial Artist has an advantage over the tight one. Of course, having strength in deep range to utilize that flexibility is the second part of the equation. Rest assured, our method teaches both. (Flexibility and strength to utilize it.)
Think about a Martial Arts champions and you will be hard pressed to find one who has not mastered their flexibility to the fullest.

Even boxers who don’t kick, still stretch.

Granted a very old method of stretching is shown in the picture here. Our methods work much faster and don’t require a partner, but the point is, top guys stretch.
But you want to know exactly what will happen when you take the ElasticSteel workshops. Here is what you get when taking the ElasicSteel Flexibility Workshops. You will learn:
  • The Zaichik Stretching Technques for each muscle used in the focus skill of the workshop. (Frequently just one muscle can hold back the mastery of the whole skill)
  • Reciprocal Inhibition Techniques develop strength and release tight muscles with absolutely no resistance to stretching (There is a neural mechanism that completely shuts down the muscle and makes it easy to stretch it as a warm elastic band)
  • Extended Length Conditioning Technique to develop deep strength in the muscle, so that stretched muscles are free to move and are protected from injury. (A stretched muscle must be protected by strength not to be strained.)
  • Short Length Conditioning Technique, to use the flexibility of the leg and core just as effortless as the arms. (These specialized exercises are so targeted that the speed up skill development by 8-12X)
  • Specialized Warm Up Exercises that help prepare the muscles to quickly master a skill. (This warm up is also great to get the maximum performance out of each set)
But before going further into all the benefits of what ElasticSteel workshops have to offer, let me tell you what our organization is all about. I was tired of seeing Martial Artists stretch day after day with no results in sight. Especially because I knew how critical flexibility is to each one of them.

ElasticSteel started 15.5 years ago, when I (Paul Zaichik) a professional Kinesiologist and a Martial Artist began to put my knowledge into professional Martial Arts flexibility programs.

Eventually in 2012 with Innovation of the ZST - Zaichik Stretching Techniques (formerly called Kinesiological Stretching Techniques), the stretching programs became the fastest and most effective in the world.

An average range of stretch per workout with standard stretches was 30 degrees (of straddle) 90 -120. With ZST’s the flexibility would go from 90 to 150 degrees. That is 60 degrees or double of what any other method was able to deliver. (Yoga, Pilates, forced stretching, etc). Sorry about getting technical with the numbers, but it’s important to quantitatively understand the significance of the ZST method.

I later added various other techniques to make the results last. This means you see improvement every time you train. And the improvement sticks with you from one training session to another.

Hundreds of thousands of martial artists all around the world from amateur to top level professionals have used the ZST method to take their flexibility to new heights.

The great news is that we are coming to your studio. In the past students who wished to practice ElasticSteel had to travel to a Certified Instructor or do skype sessions which became quite expensive for the students.

While that have worked for many, we realized that we must make it easier for everyone wishing to improve their skills to get a hands on experience. That is why we decided to start offering workshops where instead of you coming to us, we would come to your training studio, so that you can get hands on experience and get in depth training in the comforts of your Martial Arts studio.

And here is the best part:

The cost of the workshop is 1/3 of the price of the skype session, and it’s hands on. You will also get a DVP (Steamed Digital Video Program). The DVP will serve as review of the workshop material.

The cost of the DVP is about the same as the cost of the workshop and you can purchase these DVP’s on our website. Because you are getting the DVP as an added bonus Free to taking the workshop, in essence, you are getting a close and personal, hands on instruction, in your own dojo – for FREE.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve your performance by leaps and bounds. You would not want to miss it and beat yourself up, later on, when you still can’t get flexible using same old stretches, months and months later.

If only you knew how many emails and messages I get from people who say they wish they would have discovered these programs earlier. Some of those people saw ElasticSteel articles in magazines or videos on social media, heard their friends mention it, and yet were hesitant to try. It’s understandable, because there are many stretching programs out there.

Our difference is that we don’t copy what everyone else does. Our methodology is different, our techniques are different. Everything we do has been tested and retested. Results have been delivered over and over again. Most of our programs have been re-written and re-recorded several times. We do this because once we find an even faster way, we bring it to our students.

So, if you are hesitant, take a look at our techniques and compare them to what you have been doing. For example, here is a psoas and hamstring technique. And this is only a tiny glance at the system. Less than .001 of 1 percent of what we do.
So, let's recap the entire ElasticSteel Flexibility Workshop Day.
This Day Consists of 4 Successive Workshops. For Best Results all 4 should be taken in the order offered. The Flexibility Event’s Day schedule looks like this:
  • 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. - Side Split
  • 11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. - Hamstrings
  • 1:15 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. (LUNCH BREAK)
  • 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. - Front Split
  • 3:45 p.m. - 5:15 p.m. - Back Pain

The first workshop of the day focuses on the side split. Mastery of the side split, improves the ability to do all kicks and stances. It also protects from adductor, groin (or inner thigh tears)

Side Split is the easiest split to master, simply because it requires a flexibility of the least amount of muscles. (4 adductors, one hip flexor and inner hamstrings)

ElasticSteel program does not rely on forced or even relaxed stretches. Specialized Zaichik Stretching Techniques are used. Each ZST isolates one muscle at a time, quickly stretching it. When all the muscles are stretched, the split becomes deeper without pain or resistance.

At the same time strength exercises, ensure that the flexibility is retained, and muscles are protected from injury.

The goal of this workshop is to show a quick and safe method to students. A method that has been used by thousands to master their splits in weeks or months. (Depending on how flexible one is at the starting point. More advances students get splits in weeks and tighter students in months.)

In a poll of 2,000 martial artists, sit and reach stretch has shown to be the most challenging. With exception of Northern Chinese Styles. Hamstrings flexibility plays a role in both front (front, crescent, axe) and side line kicks (hook kick, roundhouse side kick). Kicking leg of the former and supporting leg of the latter.

Most martial arts schools do “sit and reach” or “stand and reach” hamstrings stretches. These techniques don’t work. (If they have worked, all martial artists would have had flexible hamstrings)

ElasticSteel method uses Z.S.T’s for fast flexibility of the hamstrings. Medial (biceps femoris) and lateral (semitendinosus and semimembranosus) are isolated and quickly stretched. In addition other muscles that restrict forward bending are lengthened as well. (Glutes, piriformis and lower fibers of adductor magnus)

The flexibility exercises are supported by strength exercise to maximize flexibility retention and prevent injuries. The purpose of this workshop is to give the students the unique tools to increase their hamstrings flexibility in the short time. Placing chest on the knees with extended legs is the ultimate goal. Achievable in 2-6 month, depending on the starting point.

A Front Split is a flexibility position where one leg is
forward and one is back, in one straight line. If not properly trained, this skill is pretty challenging. The reason for the difficulty is due to large number of muscles having to be stretched. Almost all the muscles in the lower body need to be flexible to master this technique.

Martial artists in general have very tight hip flexors, and spend a lot less time stretching them, than other lower muscles of the body. Most schools don’t stretch hip flexors at all. Without stretched hip flexors, the front split (especially a squared one) is pretty difficult.

In this workship we cover all the ZST’s (Zaichik Stretching Techniques) needed to master the front split. As in all ElasticSteel programs, the flexibility moves are supported by strength exercises. The strength techniques, help to retain flexibility and prevent injury.

The goal of this workshop is to teach students specialized techniques, which lead to front split development safely and quickly.

79% of Americans experience back pain. 31 Million Americans experience it at any given time. And Back pain was given among top 5 reasons why Martial Arts students had to give up training.

For the people who are active, who focus on proper techniques, who stretch and strengthen, the back pain is very prevalent among martial arts practitioners.

Paul had back pain himself and managed to cure it with 2 specialized exercise routines. A short and long routine.

He first made this program available in 2006, and since then countless message, letters and emails filled with gratitude had been pouring in.

The program focuses on stretching and strengthening the tissues around the back. Allowing the body to balance itself out into proper alignment, between strength and flexibility, front and back, left and right, anterior and posterior pelvic tilt.

The goal of this program teach students two routines aimed at helping the back pain. The short routine for when there is shortage of time and a long routine, when there is time. The are 15 and 25 minutes respectively.
So you have 2 options.

1. Keep training the same way you have been training. This is fine if you have mastered the flexibility and the skills at the level you want them. (Although it’s difficult to believe that you would be reading this far, if your skills were already top notch)


2. Take one or more workshops and see what it does for you. You have nothing to lose, since the price of the DVP covers the cost of the workshop and you get the DVP featuring the same information for free. This is a rather unique offer.

If you choose the second option, you can save even more by registering right now.

The cost of each workshop is $45 at the door. You can register to a single workshop for $35, right now. Remember it comes with a free DVP and some workshops even include more than one to cover everything taught.

Or you can get an All Day Pass for only $100.00 and SAVE $80.00 as opposed to buying an All Day Pass at the door.

This is an absolute steal. Since you will also receive 4 FREE DVP’s. There are instructors who charge that much for a private lesson and do nothing, but same old stretches that frankly don’t work.

The space in classes is limited. So, if you are waiting to register the day of the workshop, not only might there be no space (over 90% of our workshops have no space left on the day of the workshop) you will also pay much more if you purchase your tickets at the door or wait till last minute to register.

Enough time wasted! Stop wasting time and money, risking your health, hitting plateaus, wondering how to reach your goal instead of working towards it!

for ElasticSteel Workshops right NOW and soon it will be YOU sitting in a 180 degree split! MUCH SOONER than you expect!