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How would you like to improve the height, focus, speed and power of your kicks in just one day?

Imagine learning specialized scientific training techniques, which allow you to kick like you’ve never kicked before!
Imagine being able to throw a side kick with all those qualities, as a result of a targeted scientific training progressions. Perhaps you
tried to stretch every day? Maybe even few times a day. Or had a partner push you into a stretch through severe pain. With no results. Hopefully, no injury either, as those methods often lead to injury.

As a Martial Artists, I know you have tried everything you could. But Without getting much results. You tried to kick harder and harder. Faster and faster. Higher and higher. And very little happened at best. Perhaps you got injured, or worse. Sounds Familiar?

Here is the difference to what you’ve been doing so far. What we do is specialized training progression, focusing on specific quality of a kick, one at a time.

The mission of my company is to help a martial artist, like yourself to master every technique using specialized training programs. These programs are researched and implemented based on science of kinesiology, biomechanics and motor learning. They are optimized to sharpen your skills in the shortest time possible. All techniques are easy to understand and apply. And the best part is the effectiveness of these techniques.

ElasticSteel Method allows you to see results very quickly and often instantly. This way you can enjoy your training, by placing already well mastered techniques into your sparring, patterns, self-defense, breaking, etc. So, let’s call it exactly like it is: Training is a lot more fun, when you have fast, powerful, flexible and effortless techniques. Elasticsteel method of stretching has gotten hundreds of thousands of martial artists their practical mastery of the basic and advanced techniques.
But you want to know exactly what will happen when you take the ElasticSteel workshops. Here is what you get when taking the ElasicSteel Kicking Workshops. You will learn:
  • Side Kick Supporting Leg and Core Workshop. You will learn specialized Zaichik Stretching Techniques and Strength Exercise to increase the height of the kicks, very fast. These exercises work, because they train specific muscles needed for kicking height. The flexibility exercises trick the muscles to relax and the strength exercises, support with range specific consolidation.
  • Kicking Leg Technical Training. You will learn how to use your kicking leg just like an arm. Full control at each range and no restriction in movement. Specialized ElasticSteel exercise reach into the ranges and corners of the muscles, that regular moves (such as slow kicks or partner stretching), never touch.
  • Side Kick Speed. You will learn exactly why some people have speed and why other don’t. The key to speed is proper angle of acceleration, and even more important is proper mechanism and kick deceleration. This workshop teaches how to quickly build both of those components, using a specialized chain of steps.
  • Side Kick Power. Side Kick is designed to be a mighty kick. An unstoppable side kick has two characteristics. One is heel moving in line with the mass. Two the mass is optimally accelerated into the target. Side Kick Power workshop teaches specialized techniques to develop proper mass acceleration, leading to ideal force generating kick mechanics.
But before going further into all the benefits of what ElasticSteel workshops have to offer, let me tell you what our organization is all about.

ElasticSteel started 15.5 years ago, when I (Paul Zaichik) a professional Kinesiologist and a Martial Artist began to put my knowledge into professional Martial Arts Training programs.

Since than I have authored numerous books, DVD, seminars, workshops and article. Chances are you have read one of my articles in Martial Arts magazines, or blogs and have seen my videos on the social media. Hundreds of thousands of martial artists all around the world from amateur to top level professionals have used the method to take their skills to new heights.

The great news is that we are coming to your studio. In the past students who wished to practice ElasticSteel had to travel to a Certified Instructor or do skype sessions which became quite expensive for the students.

While that have worked for many, we realized that we must make it easier for everyone wishing to improve their skills to get a hands on experience. That is why we decided to start offering workshops where instead of you coming to us, we would come to your training studio, so that you can get hands on experience and get in depth training in the comforts of your Martial Arts studio.

And here is the best part:

The cost of the workshop is 1/3 of the price of the skype session, and it’s hands on. You will also get a DVP (Steamed Digital Video Program). The DVP will serve as review of the workshop material.

The cost of the DVP is about the same as the cost of the workshop and you can purchase these DVP’s on our website. Because you are getting the DVP as an added bonus Free to taking the workshop, in essence, you are getting a close and personal, hands on instruction, in your own dojo – for FREE.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve your performance by leaps and bounds. You would not want to miss it and beat yourself up, later on, when you still can’t get flexible using same old stretches, months and months later.

If only you knew how many emails and messages I get from people who say they wish they would have discovered these programs earlier. Some of those people saw ElasticSteel articles in magazines or videos on social media, heard their friends mention it, and yet were hesitant to try. It’s understandable, because there are many stretching programs out there.

Our difference is that we don’t copy what everyone else does. Our methodology is different, our techniques are different. Everything we do has been tested and retested. Results have been delivered over and over again. Most of our programs have been re-written and re-recorded several times. We do this because once we find an even faster way, we bring it to our students.

So, if you are hesitant, take a look at our techniques and compare them to what you have been doing. For example, here is a psoas and hamstring technique. And this is only a tiny glance at the system. Less than .001 of 1 percent of what we do.
So, let's recap the entire ElasticSteel Kicking Workshop Day.
This Day Consists of 4 Successive Workshops. For Best Results all 4 should be taken in the order offered. The Kicking Event’s Day schedule looks like this:
  • 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. - Side Kick: Kicking Height
  • 11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. - Side Kick: Kicking Leg Strength, flexibility, range of Motion and
    Technical Development
  • 1:15 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. (LUNCH BREAK)
  • 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. - Side Kick: Speed Development
  • 3:45 p.m. - 5:15 p.m. - Side Kick: Power Development

The Kicking height of the side depends on two factors. The height of the kicking leg depends on the supporting leg. The flexibility of the torso allows the center of gravity to remain as close as possible to the base of support. Thus, improving the height of the kick as well as quality of the overall technique.

In this workshop. Special Zaichik Stretching Techniques are taught to quickly develop flexibility in the adductors (inner thighs), hamstrings and the lateral flexors of the core. The Z.S.T.s are also combined with strength exercise to secure the flexibility and to utilize it for maximum kicking height.

This is a proven system that quickly increases the height of the kick, with the final goal leading to a perfect vertical side kick.

The Kicking leg of the side kick is rarely trained to the optimum strength and flexibility. The kicking leg must have 3 positions of short range strength. To be strong at the end of contraction. This means at full internal rotation of the hip, at full abduction of the hip and at full flexion of the hip.

Of course, flexibility training is combined with strength training to ensure that, the is no flexibility restrictions. This allows the kicking leg to feel light and to be used with same ease as the arm is used for punching.

In this workshop Z.S.T.s (Zaichik Stretching Techniques) are combined with specialized Reciprocal Inhibition and short range techniques to optimize the strength and flexibility of the kicking leg. The results of this workshop (even just after 90 minutes) is very light feeling kicks.

This workshop always amazes students, by seeing how good the side kick can get with the right techniques, in a very short period of time.

Kicking Speed is often elusive for most martial arts
students. Just like everything else, speed needs to be trained in scientific progression to master it.

Speed depends on two factors.

A. Proper Acceleration (whip)
B. Proper Deceleration (pull back)

Less than half of advance martial arts practitioners know how to properly accelerate the kick. And less than 5% know how pull it back or decelerate it.

Unfortunately, knowing how to do it, and be able to teach is in quick, scientific progression is a different matter. This is where the science of Motor Learning comes in. Small manageable steps allow the kick to pick up speed in a short period of time.

The goal of this workshop is to teach the clear precise progression sequence, that will increase the speed of the side kick in just few training sessions.

To maximize the power of the side kick, maximum mass needs to accelerate towards the target. The ability to move the mass explosively falls primarily on the non-kicking leg and hip. The power is the last characteristic to be developed. Other factors, such as proper technique, flexibility, control, speed, etc all come before power.

However, power training is more than just good technique (which of course helps a lot). Specialized exercises strengthen a chain of muscles, that are needed to explode into the kick and shift the mass when all-out acceleration is attained.

This is done by focusing on each component one at a time. In such manner one can find where the weak link is and reinforce it. As the result power of the side kick is maximized very quickly.

The goal of this workshop is give shortcuts to students to power attainment, by strengthening the component of biomechanical chain of the kick.

So you have 2 options.

1. Keep training the same way you have been training. This is fine if you have mastered the flexibility and the skills at the level you want them. (Although it’s difficult to believe that you would be reading this far, if your skills were already top notch)


2. Take one or more workshops and see what it does for you. You have nothing to lose, since the price of the DVP covers the cost of the workshop and you get the DVP featuring the same information for free. This is a rather unique offer.

If you choose the second option, you can save even more by registering right now.

The cost of each workshop is $45 at the door. You can register to a single workshop for $35, right now. Remember it comes with a free DVP and some workshops even include more than one to cover everything taught.

Or you can get an All Day Pass for only $100.00 and SAVE $80.00 as opposed to buying an All Day Pass at the door.

This is an absolute steal. Since you will also receive 4 FREE DVP’s. There are instructors who charge that much for a private lesson and do nothing, but same old stretches that frankly don’t work.

The space in classes is limited. So, if you are waiting to register the day of the workshop, not only might there be no space (over 90% of our workshops have no space left on the day of the workshop) you will also pay much more if you purchase your tickets at the door or wait till last minute to register.

Enough time wasted! Stop wasting time and money, risking your health, hitting plateaus, wondering how to reach your goal instead of working towards it!

for ElasticSteel Workshops right NOW and soon it will be YOU effortlessly kicking high up in the air MUCH SOONER than you expect!