True Front Splits Beginner


True Front Splits Beginner

A True Front Split is one of the two front split variations. The True Front Split is achieved by moving the straight legs in opposite directions, while the hips remain squared. 

While some people consider an Open Front Split more challenging, the majority of the people who do the Open variation, have difficulty with this one.

Muscles Involved in a True Front Split

true front splits muscles

Virtualy all hip muscles are stretched, when the True Front Split is performed. Each one must be taken care of separately, and this is one of the key points of Zaichik Stretching Techniques (formerly known as Kinesological Stretching Techniques) 

How to Achieve a True Front Split

The Zaichik Stretching Method:

  • Isolates muscles actions one by one.
  • Takes care of the ones that are tighter first.
  • Allows easier focus since you are working on one specific area at a time.
  • No pushing or bouncing is necessary, not even a partner.
  • Pain is not present at all.
  • Totally safe, since it was designed according to what is natural for the body.
  • Gains are permanent and steady.
  • It is very enjoyable to do, and feels more like a workout
  • Results are visible right away since the stretch reflex is avoided.

Contents of the Program

The program contains 3 videos:

  1. Video with follow along routines plus explanations before each exercise (duration: 59 minutes)
  2. Video without explanations to follow along without interruptions.
  3. Video containing only the explanations for the Zaichik Stretching Techniques (formerly known as Kinesological Stretching Techniques)  for quick reference and review.

The videos contain subtitles for better understanding of the techniques and to make it easier for those who need help in understanding the spoken language.

The program sections are as follows:


Mobility exercises for each joint, to keep your joints healthy and lubricated.

joints mobility


Specific warmup exercises to gradually prepare your body for a split.

true front splits conditioning


Zaichik Stretching Techniques (formerly known as Kinesological Stretching Techniques) for each muscle involved in a split, so that your flexibility improves right away without pain.

Kinesiological Stretching


Extended Length Conditioning exercises, so that you not only become flexible but strong as well.

extended length conditioning


Reciprocal Inhibition Techniques, for functional flexibility.

reciprocal inhibition

Bonus! Track Your Progress with Stretch180

Follow along the program and measure your progress using our free online application at For each workout take a picture of your split and upload it. The application will measure your split angle and give you the date for your Full Split.

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