Side Split Reciprocal Inhibition Technique

Kinesiological stretching techniques do it the smart way and not the hard way. The stretch reflex is not wrestled with, but rather is avoided. So pain and injury don't stop the progress. Each muscle is isolated and get's manipulated through muscle space created, using various muscles actions against each other. Having tested various methods against each other. This is the safest, most pleasant and faster method known today.

Side Splits Advanced

Side Split Cold and Beyond is an advanced flexibility program for the straddle. When students achieve their side splits, there are usually two questions that come up.

  1. How can I keep my split, after the workout.
  2. How can develop my split to transfer it over in various skills.

There are people who master their split for no other reason, than because it's cool. It's a benchmark of self-achievement in flexibility, it's a cool party trick, it's something that Jean Claude Van Damme does almost in every movie. This is enough for many to strive toward this stretch. To each it's own. However what good is the split, if you can only do it after 30 minutes of warm up? 

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