How did I get to kick like this?

It took me 3 weeks of training to hold a kick that high!
This is after about a year and half of not kicking at all.

paul zaichik high kick

What is more important for you to know, reading this? How I achieved this kick so fast OR why did not I not kick for 18 months?

Well I did not kick for a 1.5 years because I was working on Easyflexibility system. A lot of teaching and testing and I only had the energy to train a little bit. So I focused on body weight training.

I was confident however that I can get my kicks back fast, when I would record ESKMS (ElasticSteel Kick Mastery System).

Why was I so confident? Because I went from kicking to not kick several times before. Each time improving the method of how fast I would get my kicks back.

I never got my kicks by "just kicking", never... If you have any of our programs (after 2008) you know what I mean. "Keep kicking till your kicks get good is a long road for those who don't know any other means of doing it".

It's an honorable road, but it's not my road.

So when I decided to record ESKMS, I gave myself 1 month. but after 3 weeks. (9 training sessions) I went from sloppy kicker to fast, high and powerful kicker. I did not need 12 sessions.

I focused on the "holes". Where did I lack strength? Where did I lack flexibility? Which muscle? Which joint? I quickly adjusted that.

Who wants to know more?

Before I began training, I first wanted to know where training is needed. So I tested myself.

For example the flexibility of my supporting leg:

  • My right hamstrings needed just a little and left one needed more flexibility.
  • My left adductor magnus (Ischial fibers) were flexible enough, but my right would restrict a  kick.
I did this with every part of the kick.
  • For example my medial rotation was almost good on the left left leg, but my right leg did not turn in as much as needed for a good (and safe) kick.

So I designed my program accordingly.

Some muscles I would stretch only on one side.

Some muscles I would do both sides, but one side would get 2 rounds and one would get 5 rounds.

Another example was my lateral core flexibility.

Right side was stronger and tighter. So right legs side kick would have a higher torso, than left. Left side needed more strength and right more flexibility work.

Why is this important? Why did I not do everything on both sides?

  • Because every rep takes energy. The more I would do, the more resources are needed for recovery. More vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, salts, etc, etc.

If I wanted complete recovery in 48 hours I needed to focus. Only do as much as needed. No more and no less.

Also every 2-3 sessions I would raise the number of sets, reps or rounds. This is how I did it. All this is taught in both ESKMS, the new kick programs and live online class.

I welcome everyone to take a one free complimentary online class to see what is being done. 

Contact Michel Wouterse for dates and times. 



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Wayne Esser - January 16, 2020

I am 65 years old and enrolled in martial arts. I am considering the kick combo program but would like more info. Can you send me a copy of the free e-book so I can determine if this will be right for me?
Thanks much,

James Lewis - January 16, 2020

I really want to learn how to kick higher and faster.

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