Hip Injury Prevention While Kicking Part 3

Hip Injury Prevention While Kicking Part 3

After last two articles, one of the questions that came up was, “I kick with one leg and I keep injuring the supporting leg and not the kicking leg in the same place where you are explaining” - What is the issue?
In short if there is no turn out in the supporting leg, the abduction is the same for both legs.
  • This simply means that both the kicking and the standing leg can anatomically move sideways away from the center line about 45 degrees.
  • Combined is 90 degrees.
  • Past this point there is jamming.
The leg with tighter adductors is actually more protected. (Adductors or inner thighs prevent abduction)
  • Imagine a right leg kicker. This kicker throws sides kicks, without turning out his left, supporting leg.
If his right adductors are tight, he is more likely to injure his left standing hip. Since tight adductors offer protection, against jamming.
I usually use mermaid stretch to confirm it. The tighter side will be higher from the ground.

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Adductors Strength & Flexibility
This program contains: 
Adductors are four muscles whose primary role is hip adduction. Adduction is pulling the limb toward the mid-line of the body.

Additionally some texts list Pectineus as an adductor. There are a number of other muscles that also adduct the leg. Most of those muscles are external rotators of the hip. Since most applications of abduction have a superimposed lateral rotation, additional adductors do not restrict abduction or horizontal abduction. The exception are medial hamstrings, which are internal rotators of the hip.
Complete Shoulder Flexion
This program contains: 
Being able to stretch the shoulder abductors and extensors, as well as scapula inferior rotators allows the arm to come up to at least vertical line. In many cases more than 180 degree is needed, in throwing sports for example, such as javelin, football and baseball. Same applied to serves in volleyball and rocket sports.
Hamstrings Advanced Level
This programs contains:
The Advanced Hamstrings routine is for those of you who are familiar with the Zaichik Stretching techniques and can comfortably implement the routine. It takes things up a notch by introducing muscle contraction in addition to muscle action for an even more intense workout.

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