How Does Strength and Flexibility Affect Balance Kicks Development

Learn the secrets to superb balance – a must have for EVERY Martial Artist!

Let me show you how to improve your balance while developing strength, flexibility and stamina!

In this video you will learn how to develop the most neglected and yet extremely important ability - balance. With the techniques taken from The ElasticSteel Strength & Flexibility Method and Yoga you will learn how to improve your balance while developing your strength flexibility and stamina.

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Paul Zaichik's 30 years of Martial Arts experience and indepth knowledge of the human body, now offered to YOU in 20 chapters.

  • Each video averages 15 minutes.
  • They contain the ESSENCE of your training towards becoming a Kick Master.
  • Each exercise is explained for you to simply repeat for as many sets as you can.
  • Train 3 times a week.
  • Simply follow the Kick Master Path level by level.

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