ZED #4 - ZejaX Double Hammer

ZED #4 - ZejaX Double Hammer

April 10, 2017

Double Hammer looks like a core exercise, but it's not only that, and actually it mostly works biceps on the top side, triceps on bottom arm, as well as back musles, not to mention the shoulders, and of course your core and the grip!


  • Both elbows at 90 degrees, ZejaX is touching your head slightly.
  • Place your hands closer to one side of the Zejax, not right in the center. 
  • On your knees, lean to the Zejax side that's shorter and place the cap firmly on the floor.
  • Adjust your posture, then bring your upper leg to the side, followed by your lower leg.
  • Build up holding the position for one minute or so, that's a good number. If you can do 5 seconds or less to start with, that's fine too, build it up.

It's hard to find an exercise on the floor that works your pulling movement, with Zejax you can do this and much more.

This program is found in the ZejaX Side Planks Program:



Watch the video demonstrating this ZejaX exercise

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