ZED #6 - ZejaX Side Press

Great to work the chest in narrow range, we don't work this range on other bodyweight or weight exercises. But for some sports we need this range. So this is a great exercise to work on that.


  • Place Zejax where the wall and floor meet.
  • One hand on the cap.
  • At a small angle, inhale, come in letting your body drop to the wall.
  • Exhale, push in. The contraction is on a very deep range. Watch the video and pay attention to this.

You may notice that your chest will be sore on unusual places which you don't work with a bench press or other exercise.
As usual, do as many repetitions as you want, switch sides and do a few sets.

Variations of this exercise are found on Beginner and Intermediate Wall programs as well.
Watch the video with a demonstration of this exercise

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