In short: This program teaches a safe progression for a fast side kick.

Here is the full description of the program.
Why “safe progression”? When it comes to speed training chances of injuries is very high. This does not apply only to side kick of course. Slowing the kick down is the moment when injuries happen. Every fast kick needs to be decelerated. (you are not throwing a rock or a ball, but your foot) So you need to pull the kick back. The faster you kick, the harder you need to pull it back. In case of the side kick the hip flexors and adductors do most of that “pulling back”.
Most people don’t have their decelerator muscles strong enough to contract at high speed. More so in stretched position of those muscles. (Which is where they end up, at the full extension of he kick) And if you sit allot, you are in for even more trouble. (Sitting tightens the hip flexors and adductors)
So here is how it works. Your body likes your muscles healthy ( and not torn.) No Surprise there. If it lets you kick fast, you will tear the muscles. It’s like attaching a rock to a weak string and throwing the rock hard, the string will break. For this reason, your body won’t let you kick fast. There are ways to trick the system of course and do a specific warm up. In that case you will kick faster. ---- ONE TIME! After that you will be very sore at best or injured at worst. Do this few times and chronic injury is guaranteed.

So how is it done properly?

First you need full range of motion in the decelerator muscles. Than you need to strengthen them. Make them stronger first while moving slow and then fast. Finally, you need to work on the kicks assisted by artificial deceleration. Moving from easiest range to the most challenging range. Step by step.

Do you need this program?

To answer that question. Ask yourself; Are you throwing your side kick fast? If you do, you just wasted 5 minutes reading this. (Unless you learned something new) You don’t need this program. If your side kick is not as fast as you want it to be, then you need this program.