Ball of the Foot

This program is designed to improve the strength and flexibility of feet and toes and present a perfect ball of the foot striking position.

In simple terms you learn specialized training exercises to be able pull the toes back and toward you, while kicking. The goal of any ball of the foot kick is the same: to strike with the foot parallel to the target.

  • This applies to the snap front kick, push front kick, roundhouse kick and twist kick.

Having the foot at the right angle to the target is the most biomechanically advantageous position. This means you deliver the most power, if you can kick this way.

Very few people can

Being able to extend your toes to 90 degrees and keep them there is not common among combat athletes. I met thousands of martial artists over the years. All coming from different disciplines. Maybe a dozen were able to pull back all toes, to perfectly expose the ball of the foot.

The Basics

The ball of the foot position is something every martial athlete learns as soon as he starts kicking. However the position is not actively trained. Those who have it, have it, and those who don’t… don’t.

Maximum Power and Target Penetration

Part of the reason I can strike hard and penetrate the target is because of the point of impact conditioning.

Heel, instep, ball of the foot, fist, palm, does not matter. Every point of impact should be developed.

This Program

In this program, I offer a set of very targeted exercises:

  • Exercises which make the foot and toes not only more flexible, but also stronger.
  • The strength part protects from injury and prevents “buckling” upon impact.

Do you need this program?

Look down at your toes. Can you pull them back to a perpendicular line with your foot? 90 degree angle? If you can’t, you need this program.

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