Do You Want FAST Mastery of Your KICKS?

3-4 years of Training, You can Master in 5-6 Months!
Or... Do you Prefer the Standard Method..?
“kick and kick and kick some more....
and hope that it will work somehow, eventually...
If you are open to a new method... Read On!
My fellow martial artist,
Let me quickly tell you what
ElasticSteel Kicking Method can do for you,
AND how it works!

With The ElasticSteel Method of Athletic Conditioning:

  • You will learn how to kick straight up in the air
  • You will develop Effortless kicks
  • You will quickly build up unstoppable kicking power
  • You will develop lightning speed that will be hard to see or block
I know you want to kick with speed, power and height. Every Kicker Does... What have you been doing so far to achieve it?

PLEASE don’t tell me “just kicking” and hoping something will click somewhere and it will work one day.

Here is the Eye Opening Truth:

If you want SPEED,
You MUST train a sequence that develops SPEED!
you MUST train a progression that develops KICKING HEIGHT, etc, etc.

The worst thing you can do is.... “just keep kicking"
I know people who have been “just kicking” for 2 years,
and I also know those with 30 years of "just kicking" experience under their belt.
NEITHER have developed any top-level qualities in their kicks.
(By quality I mean; speed, power, height, focus, control, etc)

However, after I showed them how to train for a specific quality of a kick, it took them just weeks.
YOU READ THAT RIGHT, just weeks to improve their kicks like they could not, in years.

Extremely Fast Progress- One Quality At a Time
One Quality at a time, not all qualities all together.
Let me be clear from the start:
This means that I can NOT get you speed, focus, power, control, endurance, height, etc., all of them in the same few weeks.
I can only guarantee these qualities ONE AT A TIME.
You master, them in a sequence.

So, if you are hoping that you will master all in 10-20 days.
Please go on and keep “just kicking” my program is not for you.
My Program STANDS BEHIND What it Does, And I Don't Want to Hear People Who DID NOT Understand How it Works, Complain That They Did Not Achieve Their Results Fast Enough.

So, IF You Understand That Each Quality Must be Developed One At a Time, and that, Only Then It Can Be Mastered Quickly Then Please Read On....
Now briefly, I will tell you who I am and what I do.

(If you already are familiar with ElasticSteel and me, Paul Zaichik, skip this part)
I See Martial Arts Training From A Different Point of View.

The same as a doctor sees a human body differently than a lay person.

Or a mechanic sees a car differently than a regular driver.

For this reason, I see the speed development of the kicks differently from height development, and power mastery progression completely different than focus training and so on.

Each quality of the kick has a different unique, short training path.

After you train with my method, you will begin to look at kick training with a completely different outlook as well. I am a life long martial artist. (36 years in martial arts, in 2020). My education is in Kinesiology. I have been studying, researching and teaching kinesiology for 23 years.

As you can imagine, my main areas of study ware and still are:
  • Biomechanics
  • Motor Learning
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Human Movement
I have always applied much of my research to Martial Arts.

That is why, when I look at the mastery of kicking techniques, a completely different point of view is seen in my mind, compared to most people.

Over 30 years of Martial Arts experience and in-depth knowledge of the human body, now offered to YOU in 4 chapters.

So, when you get this Advanced Kicks combo, you will get the following:
Very Short and to the point and very easy to understand and follow routines for Advanced kicks.

Summarizing What You Are Getting:

So are you going to keep wasting time?..
and become one of those people to write to me years or months after first learning about my programs,
and say “I wish I got your programs earlier. They work like magic!" ?

Are you going to “think about it”, {I need to think about...}
this incredible opportunity to improve your body,
avoid redundant injuries and waste time?
... only to come back to me many months or years later and get this program anyway?
And wish you, actually started training, as soon as you learned about this information?
Are you going to continue wasting your valuable time without meeting your goals of having excellent kicks?
Or are you going to make the right decision and get this very valuable bundle right now?
If the answer is “yes” then stop wasting even more time. Get this program and start training tonight!
So that in a few weeks’ time you can join the ranks of ElasticSteel MASTER KICKERS, show off your skills and be at the top of your game.

And when you do improve your kicks send me a note about your progress, I’ll be happy to know that you truly are becoming a MASTER KICKER.