Butterfly Stretch

Butterfly Stretch, Bound Angle Pose,  Baddhakonasana is a pose in yoga aimed at improving the function of reproductive and digestive organs. It's commonly advised to women during menstruation, menopause and during pregnancy, and of course it is good for men as well.

The position causes lateral rotation of the hip in abducted position. Stretched the most are the adductors, which are often the medial rotators. Depending on the position of the torso and proximity of the feet to the pelvis, various other muscles get stretched as well.

Many athletes have incorporated the butterfly stretch into their training. Some do it to target the adductors, while others because of the direct resemblance and carry over to their specific activities. For example a guard in grappling or Brazilian Jiu Jistsu or various positions in Ballet and Modern Dance.

While the Butterfly position itself may have a good carry over into various skills, simply holding the position and hoping that at some point something will release, is not a good way to master it.

Kinesiological Stretching techniques isolate each muscle. Following that, space is created and utilized in all the tissues, without triggering the stretch reflex, so that there is no pain and the results are immediate and lasting.

The Butterfly routine includes a specific warm up, special proprietary kinesiological stretching techniques and a cool down. This is absolutely the fastest way to master your butterfly.

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