Zejax Big, Strong Back Program Advanced

by Zejax

Do you love bodyweight training? If you have trained for a while, you have noticed one basic flow of bodyweight training. Can you guess what it is? ...
If it's just you and your best buddy "The Floor" training together, you can only push, but you can't pull. You can do dozens of push ups. Dimond, Divebomber, Handstand. Dozens different kinds. You can get huge chest and shoulders, but the bus stops there. Since you can't pull, you can't train your back.

Well, get ready for the most pleasant surprise of your life! Now you can get a huge, ripped back with just you, the floor and your new best friend. The Zejax.

Zejax allows you to do many different kind of pulling moves such as pull ups and lats isolations, without playground bars, lat pull cable machines, etc. And the best part, you can vary the tension, change up different exercises and keep your muscles getting stronger and bigger with each workout. 

Zejax training is so unique that we designed two different programs. One for a beginner and one for an advanced athlete. Each program contains two routines, so you have a choice of more easier or more difficult set of back exercises.
We tested everyone from bodybuilders to gymnasts to bar athletes. Everyone trying our program walked away sore, proving the uniqueness and effectiveness of Zejax training method. Want to give your back the challenge of your life?

Get your copy and grow big, strong and powerful!

PLEASE NOTE: This program is available in MP4 digital file only which plays on most computers and electronic devices providing that your device is set up to play MP4 files. There are various apps available which can help you. This program is not available as a DVD. The good news is that If you ever lose your digital files, say your computer crashes or you simply cannot locate them on your computer, you can always download them again! Even if your access expires, simply send us an e-mail or talk to us LIVE through chat. Be sure to give us your order # and we will reactive the download links for you within 24 hours, no questions asked! It's that simple!