ZejaX All Inclusive Discount Bundle - ZejaX Master Combo

by Zejax


Full ZejaX DVD Collection, Plus the ZejaX Apparatus!

 1- Core Advanced

2- Wall Advanced

3- Back Planks

4- Wall Beginner


5- ZUS (ZejaX Unilateral Squats)

6- Cardio

7- Wall Intermediate


8- Back Beginner

9- Punching Conditioning


10- Push Up Movement

11- Big Arms Advanced

12-Wrists, Foreams and Fingers

13- Grappling Conditioning

14- Front Planks

15- Side Planks


16- Back Advanced


17- Dance Conditioning


18- Core Beginner

19- Combat Conditioning

20- Big Arms Beginner




 *Please note the price does not include shipping charges. 

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