Deep Squat Training

Squat is the most fundamental movement a human body can do. Hundreds of articles and books speak of how modern civilization has taken away our ability to squat properly. As a fundamental movement everyone should have a mastery of it. While most athletes use it as conditioning tools, some disciplines such as power lifting and Olympic lifting compete in this technique.
The most common mistakes in doing the squat involve, poor knee traction, lifting off the heels, over-arching the spine, leaning forward, just to name a few.

We have created a program to address each one of those issues. Majority of people using this program, squat down deeper with improved form as fast as the first session. The secret is the focus on each individual muscle group, that pulls the body out of alignment as it descends. We use kinesiological stretching techniques take apart the 4 major joint groups (hip,knee,ankle,spine), and target each of the movers action vs action.

EasyFlexibility Mastery Program is the most requested program there is on squats and we welcome you today to try it for yourself and see how fast, easy and safe you too can master your squats!

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