Do you want to finally double the flexibility on your hip flexors in just 3-4 weeks?

Flexors of the Hip Joint are often the tightest muscles in the body. Very few people have true length in these muscles.
Did you know that most people who seem well stretched in their hip flexors, are really not?
Can you think of anyone whom you know that has flexible hip flexors?
Perhaps, they can do this:
Or Perhaps, they can do this:

Yes, the hip flexors are naturally so tight, that the body has created many ways to compensate for the tightness.

Does this mean, it’s ok to have tightness in flexors of the hip? Of course not. The problem is, that everyone is trying to stretch them the wrong way, and instead, end up stretching everything else, as you’ve seen demonstrated in the two pictures above.
If you want to stretch these elusive muscles, you need to isolate them:
  • There are 6 hip flexors and 4 adductors and all of them flex the hip.
  • Too much to stretch all at once.
There are more reasons to stretch your hip flexors besides athletics.
1. Tight hip flexors are known to cause lower back pain.
2. Lack of flexibility in this group of muscles put severe pressure on the hamstrings, often causes hamstring pulls.
3. Tension in hip flexors inhibits the work of glutes, making them weaker.
4. Hip flexors rigidity forces the pelvis into a dangerous tilt position.
How do we know what we are talking about? Because, stretching and flexibility education and research is what we’ve been doing for many years.
Stretching the tightest and most problematic muscles is our forte. And we do it absolutely and completely differently than anyone else.
This hip flexors program is truly unique. It builds up on the previous one.
This video takes an already very fast and effective Zaichik Stretching Techniques and enhances them with "modalities" for even faster results.

Try out an exercise:

Hip Flexors Stretching Exercises Flexibility Training For Psoas, Illiacus, Pectineus, Tensor Fascia
This program contains:
  • ZSTs (Zaichik Stretching Techniques) for each of the 10 muscles that flex the hip.
  • Complete Follow Along Program, just press play and do.
  • Modalities: this advanced program contains modified versions of the basic ZSTs, to make them more effective and also harder that's why you need to have mastered the beginners program.

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A one hour class with a ZST Certified Instructor costs $50-$150 (depending on location and experience).
  • With this program you can have an instructor in your living room, whenever you want to stretch.
  • Work at your own pace, with all the needed techniques for your hip flexors stretching at your fingertips.
  • UNLIMITED access to the private students & instructors community, to get personalized guidance for you to reach your goals more safely and quickly.

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