Hook Kick: Power Development

This program teaches you how to add power to the hook kick.

Over the years many students and instructors have asked for a program to develop a powerful hook kick. It’s quite rare to see a hook kick knockout. More with spinning hook, than lead leg hook kick actually.

Many full contact fighters who have a fast and well timed hook kick usually abandon using it in fighting. The reason for that is because landing a hook kick, without doing damage puts the kicker into a difficult position. That is because the body turns into the opposite direction of the kick.

Check this mechanical concept for yourself?

Do a slow hook kick and place the back of the heel on the wall. Try to apply power. Your torso will turn and you will have your back to your kick. This means back to your opponent. No one wants to be in this position. It’s rather easy to get scored on.

On the other hand, if there is power in a hook kick, things look differently. The opponent will be either knocked out, knocked down, distracted or pushed off balance.

Why do so many hook kicks lack power?

One of the reason is that, most kickers will turn out the supporting leg. This places the muscles of the kicking leg into poor position of leverage biomechanically. The primary reason this happens besides the habit of “when in doubt pivot by default”, is lack of strength to dig into the floor. The secondary reason is that most martial artists end the side kick and just hook the leg (flex the knee).
The proper chain of acceleration is not followed. For this reason, a kick becomes a weak push. Add to that an unstable position and no power can be produced.

It’s like extending the punch on the side of the jaw. Thumb and index finger ½ an inch next to the jaw. Trying to do a horizontal biceps curl from there. And also doing that on one leg... In short: don’t blame the kick. Blame the kicker. Or his coach...

So what do we do in this program

We develop proper acceleration. This guarantees that the mass goes into the kick. Also that that the kick is thrown and not pushed. We also develop stability. This ensures that mass won’t be shifted the wrong way at the moment of impact.

Take a look at this video to learn more about Hook Kick Power development Kinesiology Break Down:

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If you have a strong hook, you don’t. If you don’t have a strong hook kick, you do.
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Adductors Strength & Flexibility 
This program contains: 
Adductors are four muscles whose primary role is hip adduction. Adduction is pulling the limb toward the mid-line of the body.
All Kick Master Combo
This Package includes:
  • Side Kick Training (7 programs)
  • 1- Technical Kicking Leg Development
  • 2- Trunk Flexibility and Strength for Optimum Kicking
  • 3- Supporting Leg Training For Kicking Height
  • 4- Precision and Accuracy
  • 5- Speed Development
  • 6- Power Development
  • 7- Neutralizing Opponents Defense and Guard Penetration Set Ups
  • Roundhouse and Hook Kicks Training (4 programs)
  • 1- Roundhouse Kick: Technical Kicking Leg Development
  • 2- Roundhouse Kick: Speed Development
  • 3- Roundhouse Kick: Power Development
  • 4- Hook Kick: Power Development
  • Front Kick Training (5 programs)
1- Front Kick and Front Line Kicks: Technical Kicking Leg Development
2- Front Kick: Speed Development
3- Push Front Kick: Power Development
4- Axe Kick: Power Development
5- Ball of the Foot: Point of Impact
Advance Kick Training (4 programs)
1- Twist Kick Technical Kicking Leg Development
2- Flying Side Kick: Technique and Jumping Height Development
3- Scorpion Kick: Perfect form Development
4- Flying Split Scissors Kick, Two Direction Kick
Kick Retention Training
A specific video focusing on functional kick training.
Three Classic ElasticSteel Functional Strength And Conditioning Books
1- The Gravity Advantage
2- The Gravity Advantage Max
3- The Power of One
Two Extra Programs for Hand Conditioning
1- Fist Point of Impact: Wrist, Knuckles and Forearm Development
2- Palm Strike Strength and Flexibility Training
Hamstrings Advanced Level
This programs contains:
The Advanced Hamstrings routine is for those of you who are familiar with the Zaichik Stretching techniques and can comfortably implement the routine. It takes things up a notch by introducing muscle contraction in addition to muscle action for an even more intense workout.

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