Roundhouse Kick: Power Development

In short this program develops the power of a roundhouse kick.

Below you can find the full description of the program.  

F = MxA 

Hardly any martial artist does not know this equation. F=MxA (Force equals mass times acceleration.) Can you increase your mass, to upsurge force? Not much, and most people don’t look for that. So the only variable that can be modified significantly is acceleration.

Fortunately, there is huge potential for improvement there. HUGE! If it was not, than a 170lb world champion fighter would hit with same power as 170lb newbie.

The same biomechanical chain that generates speed also generates power. The difference of course is that when the focus is on power, the impact is made and the body must be prepared for that.

When training for power, kick deceleration is not taken into the equation, as the target serves as the decelerator. That is one of the differences between power and speed training. (In speed training deceleration is very important.)

   For maximum power three components must be aligned.

  1. Proper Acceleration
  2. Timing of Impact
  3. Alignment of force directions or vectors

Proper acceleration is simply the right use of mass and all the joints in the chain to accelerate the striking point (instep, ball of the foot, shin).

Timing of impact is when the impact is made. The goal is to make impact just before maximum acceleration, so that the full acceleration happens while in contact with the target.

The vectors must be aligned. For the roundhouse kick the power is generally lost when the mass is shifted in one direction and kick in the other. The direction of the body’s mass shift, must be in line with that of the foot or shin as much as possible.  This is done either by adjusting the direction of a step or focusing on the pivot.

How does this program work?

  • The first thing that we do is strengthen the rotation element of the core. This is usually the weakest link in the chain, where acceleration is lost the most.
  • Following that, various parts of the chain are trained to enhance their ability to deliver maximum acceleration. 

Just to be sure. This is not another video where you watch someone kick and try to imitate, what you see on the screen. Instead, various sequential exercises are shown to increase the power of the kick.

Do you need this program?

Do you have a powerful round house kick? If you do, then you don’t need this program. If your power is not there, you need this program.

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