Roundhouse Kick: Speed Development

In short this program develops the speed of a roundhouse kick.

Here is the full description of the program:

The speed of a roundhouse kick, just like the speed of other kicks, depends on two factors:

1. Proper chain acceleration.

2. Ability to decelerate.

You are probably thinking, “What about staying loose?”

“I heard you have to stay loose” yes, that’s correct, and that’s a part of proper chain acceleration.

The chain is easy to describe:

  • Shoulder leads and turns into the direction of the target.
  • Pulls the pelvis.
  • Pelvis accelerates the upper leg, through the hip joint.
  • And then the knee joint moves and the kick shoots out.

At least two of three martial artists reading this are probably already standing up and trying to throw a kick while looking at the paragraph above. The other 1/3 is probably in the office or formal setting...

The exact extend to how much each joint move varies.

The Styles!

Some styles stand more sideways and the upper body initiation is harder to do. Others use less knee and more hip. Still the overall chain is the same. If there is no whip, there is no speed (and no power either...)

  • Proper mechanics is only part of the issue.
  • Deceleration is the other.

In many cases it’s a more pressing issue. In simple terms, your body does not want you to get injured. A special mechanism is put in place to prevent you front getting hurt.

If you can’t put a brake to a fast kick, you can’t throw a fast kick. Or punch for that matter.

In case of the roundhouse kick it’s the hamstrings that decelerate. They need to be strong, flexible and aware when and how to contract. Only then you can kick at full speed, even if the mechanics are completely correct.

So what does this program do?

  • Strengthens your hamstrings.
  • Develops the proper chain.
  • Little by little shows you how to begin to practice the kick with artificial deceleration.
  • Gradually building the muscles to decelerate on their own, and allow for full speed.

It’s a very straight forward program.

Do you need this program?

Is your roundhouse fast? If it is, you don’t need it. Perhaps you learned something by reading the few paragraphs above, so your time was not wasted. If your roundhouse is slow. You need it.

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