Scorpion Kick: Perfect form Development

This program teaches the progression to a perfect scorpion kick.

For every 1 person who practices this kick, there are 10 people who tell him or her that it won’t work on the street. Perhaps the ratio is even greater. Interestingly enough those who train it, keep training it, regardless of itss “street applications”

The Scorpion Kick is an impressive looking kick. If your primary goal is street self defense of course this kick is not for you. We have made this program simply because many people want to master this kick, and have asked for the program.

Two ways for this kick.

There are two ways to do this kick:

  1. The first is with torso straight and horizontal.
  2. The second one is with trunk turned toward the floor and then extended at the spine. This allows the kicker to face the target. Regardless of the torso position, the legs do the same thing.

The most difficult part of the skill is the 180 degree horizontal abduction:

  • This involves flexible inner thighs and strong outer hips.
  • While the hamstrings of the supporting leg and hip flexors of kicking leg modestly challenged.

Anyone who can’t do a side split or side over split should not start working on this program. Master the side split first (click here to get the side split programs).

 What does this program do?

It develops the muscles that keep the legs apart in short ranges. This is where the major muscular effort is located for this kick.  With exception of the supporting leg hamstrings. It contracts in long range.

A special progression sequence takes you from start to full Scorpion kick.

Do you need this program?

If you can do a scorpion kick and were just reading this for fun - congratulations, you are in a small circle. If you can’t do this kick, but want to master it.  You need the program.


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