Shoulder Flexibility For Grappling

A healthy, flexible shoulder to a grappler is like a rifle to an infantryman. You simply need it to be in perfect condition. Grappling is extremely unpredictable. You never know in which position your shoulder will be the next moment in a game. Being able to feel comfortable in every possible range, is what gives a BJJ player a huge advantage.  


90% percent of shoulder attacks are either internal or external rotation of the shoulder. Developing optimum range of motion in both of those helps a grappler tremendously. 

1. In training. When practicing, many students, especially novices, like to go deep into the techniques, before letting go. Having your arm twisted to the max every time creates micro-injuries.Those can eventually lead to chronic pain. Proper flexibility training, allows you to have extra caution and protect your shoulder. 

2. In competition. Through years of training on people with normal shoulder range, expectations are built. Without even thinking most grapplers take a Kimura or Americana to the range, where pain should be experienced. Not wishing to do damage, they pause. A flexible individual can take that opportunity to initiate an escape. 

Together with flexibility techniques our program also teaches strength technique. Latter allow the shoulder to become strong in deep ranges. This allows the joint to be protected, where it is normally vulnerable. 

If you walk into a BJJ school, you will learn standard, relaxed stretches. Those pacify and weaken the joint. They also take a very long time to develop any flexibility. In our program we use kinesiological stretching techniques. They keep the joint active through full range. Due to the nature of the techniques, the painful stretch reflex is avoided. Stretch reflex is the reason, why stretching hurts. This allows to gain shoulder flexibility much faster, than with regular stretching techniques. Grapplers who used out techniques improved their shoulder range of motion, just after the first session. This in return lead to a more comfort and confidence on the mat. 

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