Zejax Advanced Wall Techniques

by Zejax

Are you ready for Zejax advanced wall techniques? If you are that means you are pretty comfortable with Wall Beginner and Wall Intermediate techniques. In other words, you can do skills that 90% of uninitiated can't do. You have a grip of a gorilla, and balance of a cat and stability of a mountain goat. And you still want more? Good.

Take a Look At Sample Exercises From Zejax Advanced Wall Techniques.


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Advanced wall techniques give you more. Welcome to the den of the beast. You are not strong till you master these. This is the third level of Zejax training. Here the focus shifts to increased strength. Each new technique engulfs your whole body, with a special focus on various muscle groups. All that is done with your body weight and ingenuity of Zejax training. If you are ready, let's bring it on. See, if you are as strong as you think you are or doubt yourself forever!

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