Zejax Dance Conditioning Strength and Flexibility

by Zejax

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could take the barre and pick up? Simply take it off the wall, to be free, to move as one with it. This is exactly what Zejax Dance Conditioning is about. Open your mind and allow the barre to become a part of you anywhere in space.

Zejax Dance conditioning routine allows you to use a Free-Barre to stretch and strengthen your body in more directions than you thought was possible. Improve everything, from the basic Turn Out to Side Tilt and Developpes. From Arabesque to Penche. Zejax gives you a freedom of movement, faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Zejax Dance Conditioning Routine flows from exotic warm up techniques all the way to unique cool down moves. In between the two, you get to work on every muscle of your body used on basic and advanced dance techniques. Zejax (The Barre) is utilzed to ease you into most beutiful positons with grace and elegance.

It allows you to feel your body reaching deep into dance techniques. Deeper than was ever possible before. Special moves give you more profound understanding of what muscles need to contract and relax to quickly progress to your ultimate dance potential.

If you are a serious dancer, you owe to yourself to try this program, and see what it will do for you!

PLEASE NOTE: This program is available in MP4 digital file only which plays on most computers and electronic devices providing that your device is set up to play MP4 files. There are various apps available which can help you. This program is not available as a DVD. The good news is that If you ever lose your digital files, say your computer crashes or you simply cannot locate them on your computer, you can always download them again! Even if your access expires, simply send us an e-mail or talk to us LIVE through chat. Be sure to give us your order # and we will reactive the download links for you within 24 hours, no questions asked! It's that simple!