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Zejax Wrist, Forearm and Fingers Program

Zejax Wrist, Forearm and Fingers Program

Regardless of what sport you play, what activity you do (unless it's soccer), your hands, wrists, forearms and finger strength can and does make or break you game.

In order to succefully train your hand strength a large number of implements are needed. Gripplers, plates, rolling stick, and the list goes on. Zejax has changed all that.

Now you can train each and every part of your forearm, wrist and fingers with specialized Zejax techniques. This is one of the most comprehensive, if not the most comprehensive program on the market. Here you learn how to train your grip and finger strength in every possible direction and in multiple ranges and resistances.

Just one piece of versatile equipment, Zejax replaces dozens of weights, cables, bands and grippers. We guarantee you will be shocked, by how strong your fingers, wrists and forearms will become after just weeks of Zejax training.

If you are serious about your training, you must get this program today!

PLEASE NOTE: This program is available in MP4 digital file only which plays on most computers and electronic devices providing that your device is set up to play MP4 files. There are various apps available which can help you. This program is not available as a DVD. The good news is that If you ever lose your digital files, say your computer crashes or you simply cannot locate them on your computer, you can always download them again! Even if your access expires, simply send us an e-mail or talk to us LIVE through chat. Be sure to give us your order # and we will reactive the download links for you within 24 hours, no questions asked! It's that simple! 

Zejax Wrist, Forearm and Fingers Program

Zejax Wrist, Forearm and Fingers Program

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